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Anschutz Health Sciences Building

Anderson Mason Dale Architects



The Anschutz Health Sciences Building, located on the Anschutz Medical Campus in Aurora, Colorado, represents modern healthcare and educational architecture, designed to enhance innovation, education, and collaboration. The building features an innovative design that supports a myriad of activities such as research, education, and clinical care, fostering interdisciplinary collaboration across various medical and health sciences disciplines.

Sustainability is a core principle in its design, incorporating energy-efficient systems and sustainable materials to minimize environmental impact while promoting occupant well-being. The interior boasts flexible, adaptable spaces equipped with advanced technology, designed to accommodate changing learning and research needs.

The architecture emphasizes wellness and accessibility, ensuring easy navigation and use for all individuals, including those with disabilities. It is crafted to seamlessly integrate with the Anschutz Medical Campus, enhancing the sense of community and continuity.

Natural light and outdoor views are pivotal in its design, reducing energy consumption and fostering a positive, healthful environment for all users. Overall, the Anschutz Health Sciences Building stands as a contemporary model in health sciences architecture, prioritizing flexibility, sustainability, and a holistic approach to health and education.

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